Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Writing: Describing the Setting

    Today at writing time, I told the  students a story. "I went to my friends' camp. I went paddleboarding. It was fun."
     We all agreed that it was a pretty boring story, so I told  it again.
     "One beautiful summer day, I went to my friends' camp on a pond in Maine. I could see the sparkling clear blue water of the lake and hear the call of loons across the water. . . ." The class liked the second version better. I then asked them to turn and talk with a friend, describing the setting of the story they are currently writing. A little later, I asked them to look to the beginnings of their own stories to see if they could add some details about the setting.

    Some students went ahead and revised their story openings.

   Writers at work!

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