Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Learning about Syria

     Enhancing our study of Asia, Rayan's dad taught us about Syria, including geography, dress, food, and language. Here he is showing a photo of a souk, an open-air market. He also showed us a bit of Sesame Street in Arabic, and wrote all of our names in Arabic. One student commented, "Best school day ever!"


     Students are learning to measure in inches and centimeters.

Math Explorations

    In this math exploration, students used a spinner to choose a number and then represents that number as an array of blocks. Here students discover that they can represent 14 as a 2 by 7 array, or 16 as a 1 by 16 array. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Visitors from India

   This week we "flew" to Asia, our third continent. Our first task was some map work to gain some appreciation of how vast Asia is and how different one part of Asia is from another. Sherap and PK, visiting high school students from India, came to our classroom to tell us about their life in India and Bhutan. They can see the third-highest mountain in the world from their school windows!