Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Enriching our upcoming study of new plants

We are so fortunate in our strong links with the community! In anticipation of our study of new plants, Caitlyn Jordan of Alewive's Brook Farm read us The Ox Car Man and discussed the realities of farming both long ago and now . . . .

   . . . And then Janet Villiotte, education coordinator of the Fort Williams Park Foundation, read us a book called From Seed to Plant. Afterward, she and two other volunteers helped students plant milkweed seeds. In a few weeks, we will go to Fort Williams Park to plant the milkweed seedlings! This project provides an authentic, puposeful experience in planting seeds, and coordinates perfectly with students' first-grade study of monarch butterflies.

        I couldn't resist following up with a song parody I wrote several years ago, to the tune of I've Been Working on the Railroad:

I've been working on my chrysalis
All the livelong day.
I've been working on my chrysalis
(But first I made my J).

Fourteen days I'll stay inside it,
Morning, noon, and night.
After fourteen days are over,
Then I will take flight.

Soon the winds will blow.
Then there will be snow.
So I know that I must go away.

When I've changed my form,
I'll go to someplace warm.
I'll flap my wings and fly away.

Maybe I'll fly to Florida.
Maybe I'll fly to Mexico.
Fly to California . . .
But I know I'll miss Maine so!

So in the spring I'll fly back home,
Thousands of miles, and then . . .
Lay my egg on a milkweed plant,
And start all over again!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Solids and Liquids

   As part of our science unit on solids and liquids, students explored the properties of various liquids. Is liquid hand soap colored? Foamy? Bubbly? Transparent? Translucent? Viscous? How does it compare to corn syrup? To colored water?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016